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Laboratory Testing Physical

Our laboratory is equipped with the technology required to fulfill the international standards: ASTM, AATCC and ISO.

Spirality • Fabric Weight • Cuttable Width • Thread Count • Bursting Strength (Hydraulic) • Colour Fastness to Washing • Colour Fastness to Perspiration • Colour Fastness to Water • Colour Fastness to Crocking • Random Tumble Pilling • Phenolic Yellowing • Dry Time • Water Absorbency

Our versatility and experience allow us to dye all kinds of fabrics, fibers and blends. We have a colorimetry laboratory specialized and equipped with advanced technology and trained staff in color discrimination (MUNSELL). This lab produced more than 100 lab dips on a daily basis with reference to customer sample, pantone number and QTX requirements.


Color Matches Lab (Lab-Dip)

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